I Love You Dad(2007)


*Image taken from Google.*

Though my loftiness is greater than yours ,today
How can I forget those memorable days,
While I was brought up by you,
A little girl who about the world had no clue
when my little fingers used to touch yours, dad,
I remember how in happiness you would go mad
the first word I said though was not your name,
But without you I would’ve surely gone lame,
Every year on my b’day I would wait your gift,
Seeing u coming from office
I remember how I used 2 run with a swift.
I remember the brown L.M.L scooter ,so famous then
I remember the first time you saw me writing with a pen,
At night you would say” it’s too late go off to sleep now”,
With friends I wanted to hang out but u rarely used to allow.
Nothing on this earth can harm me,
because I have my super daddy with me.
Just for a chocolate I remember how I used to squabble
had I been in your place I wouldn’t have been able to handle.
Your love is simply endless father innuendo
I m sorry for all those things by which u were bothered

In your eyes I see so many dreams for me dad,
I promise I’ll b proving myself not less than a lad.
I can never repay your love of these 16yrs,
Maybe because all my life I just want you near.
I want to be called as your murk
just after you my dad I’ll lurk.
I could never articulate how much u mean to me,
Maybe because no one on this earth could ever quantify a sea.


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