Tanha hain Akele nahin


*Image taken from Google*

I take this long walk by the beach with my sandals in my hand. I walk towards the sea , head held high and assured eyes like I know what I am doing , like I know that I’ll get all the answers to all the thousand questions. People around me look like birds; all the same, they come and go . I walk a few miles and it starts to get lonely. I grow tired and weak. Feeling miserable and unanswered I stop and sit there facing the sea, letting the tides wash it all from me; the helplessness, the tiredness, the misery, the coldness, the fear, the sinking faith and the sorrow, everything which I think I was now made up of .

With red eyes as I look at the setting orange sun I thought I would cry or be scared or be angry but honestly none of it, I felt none of it. I felt calm and composed. I realized I am not alone, never was. All this while I had him with me, The Lord. The journey was never alone, he wasn’t walking besides me instead he was carrying me in his arms. As I feel the tides growing stronger I feel this confidence, this trust somewhere deep in my heart that I am in the safest hands possible that I am loved and cared for. I realize I never really had questions all I had was an overwhelmed heart and gratitude swarming from it like shells from the sea. The tides weren’t washing fear, coldness, misery and dirt. Instead they were embracing me like I was part of the family. The tides were reminding me whose child, lover and friend I was and always will be, His. 

I take a walk back. After all the journey IS all about getting back home. It’s just matter of time we realize where or who is our real home. It’s not about the darkness we think we face sometimes but it’s about looking at the shinning diamonds in there.

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